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1901 Census of the Miller family

Census taken on the night of 31st March 1901

Relatives highlighted in bold are direct ancestors of our Coventry family.

| Leeds, Yorkshire | Edmonton, London | Camberwell, London |

Leeds, Yorkshire 1901

42 Whitelock Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Morris Silverston38 Head Tailor - Machinist Poland (Russian Subject) 
Emily Silverston33 Wife  London 
Alfred Silverston16 Son Press Printer Leeds, Yorkshire 
Annie Silverston14 Daughter  Canvasser Leeds, Yorkshire 
Lily Silverston11 Daughter   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Charlotte SilverstonDaughter   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Hilda SilverstonDaughter   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Charlotte Myers83 Mother-in-law  London 

Edmonton, London 1901

11 Hertford Road:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Benjamin Martin38 Head Boot Manufacturer London 
Rose Martin33 Wife  London 
David Martin11 Son   London 
Felix MartinSon   London 
Arthur MartinSon   Edmonton, London 
Baron MartinSon   Edmonton, London 
Emanuel MartinSon   Edmonton, London 
Francis Martin3m Daughter   Edmonton, London 

Camberwell, London 1901

26 Pemell's Place:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Hyman Miller34 Head Tailor Poland 
Miriam Miller29 Wife  Peckham, London 
Rose MillerDaughter   Peckham, London 
Leah MillerDaughter   Peckham, London 
Hart MillerSon   Peckham, London 
Esther MillerDaughter   Peckham, London 
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