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1891 Census of the Miller family

Census taken on the night of 5th April 1891

Relatives highlighted in bold are direct ancestors of our Coventry family.

| Mile End, London | Leeds, Yorkshire | Bethnal Green, London |

Mile End, London 1891

37 Pelham Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Hyman Abrahams24 Head Machinist Poland 
Miriam Abrahams20 Wife  Bethnal Green, London 

Leeds, Yorkshire 1891

29 Browns Yard:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Myers Sherenski55 Head Wholesale Clothier Russia - Poland 
Caroline Sherenski50 Wife  Leeds, Yorkshire 
Leah Sherenski25 Daughter Tailor's Machinist Sheffield, Yorkshire 
Rosetta Sherenski23 Daughter Tailor's Machinist Leeds, Yorkshire 
Philip Sherenski22 Son Tailor's Machinist Leeds, Yorkshire 
Henry Sherenski19 Son  Leeds, Yorkshire 
Israel Sherenski14 Son   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Sarah Sherenski17 Daughter  Tailoress Leeds, Yorkshire 
Joseph Sherenski11 Son   Leeds, Yorkshire 
Mariam SherenskiDaughter   Leeds, Yorkshire 

Bethnal Green, London 1891

8 Gibraltar Walk:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Hart Abrahams58 Head Dealer - leather cuttings Poland 
Rosetta Abrahams43 Wife  Leeds, Yorkshire 
Simeon Abrahams18 Son Boot checker (?) Bethnal Green, London 
Ada Abrahams16 Daughter  Boot Trimmer Bethnal Green, London 
Lilly Abrahams14 Daughter   Bethnal Green, London 
Manasseh Abrahams13 Son   Bethnal Green, London 
Minnie Abrahams11 Daughter   Bethnal Green, London 
Rebecca Abrahams10 Daughter   Bethnal Green, London 
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